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© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

© Andrew Judd / Masterfile
© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

There are more than 1 billion websites on the Internet today – a massive venue for copyright infringement, and there’s plenty of it. PicRights is dedicated to tracking down infringements, stopping them, and extracting a compensatory license fee for the unauthorized use of your images. Here’s the simplified work flow:

  • You provide copies of the images you want to protect, with certain metadata. This inventory is updated periodically.
  • PicRights monitors the internet, crawling many millions of websites each month to find matches of your images. We search deep and include results from online PDFs, PowerPoints and Flash clips.
  • Your time is valuable, so the matches are vetted by people to determine commercial recovery potential of the potential infringements. This eliminates the majority of useless links and false positives that plague the services of some of our competitors.
  • Cases that we believe to be worth pursing are presented to you through our client interface.
  • You review the matches against your licensing records and flag the files that do not have a valid license. Your work is done!

Note: PicRights can also connect with your license databases to perform rights checking online and streamline the verification process for you even further (you are still required to give final approval to each case for the protection of bonafide clients who may have inadvertently used an image without payment).

  • Based on the cases you approved for action, PicRights issues a series of written notices of infringement to the responsible parties.
  • Experienced case managers at PicRights (or contracted legal counsel in some jurisdictions) handle all responses and negotiations to reach a reasonable legal settlement with the infringers. This includes the takedown of the infringing images unless an additional license is acquired.
  • Infringers that ignore the written notices are contacted proactively by our case managers or legal counsel.
  • Cases that cannot be settled through reasonable negotiation may be escalated to legal counsel on a contingency basis. This does not extend to litigation without your express written approval and participation.
  • In the month following receipt of payments from infringers, PicRights issues a royalty payment to you with a summary of the cases settled.
  • Throughout the process, you can log-in to your account in the PicRights portal to review the status of all your cases.

Note: PicRights is sensitive to client relationships and the potential for legitimate licensees to appear to have infringed – e.g. if a web designer acquired a valid license for their client but didn’t provide correct information about that client to you. For that reason, we always give the benefit of the doubt to any potential infringer and will check back with you if the party claims to have properly licensed an image from you or one of your agents. If they can provide supporting evidence, then that is presented to you. At that point, our activities are paused while you confirm whether the potential infringer has a valid license or not.