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© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

PicRights works with experienced case managers and legal counsel to resolve copyright infringements in North America, Europe and the Middle East. These are professional people who have been dealing specifically with image infringements on the internet for the past decade. They speak the language, understand the licensing business and are skilled in the copyright regulations of their respective countries. And they are very good at resolving difficult cases without having to resort to the courts.

Depending on the legal process of the jurisdiction, cases may be immediately referred to legal counsel (e.g. France and Germany). In other jurisdictions (e.g. Canada, USA and the UK), cases are handled by PicRights case managers before escalating to legal counsel. In each jurisdiction, PicRights has working relationships with external legal counsel that specialize in copyright litigation. However, litigation cannot be initiated without your express written approval and participation.

Furthermore, PicRights recognizes that different copyright holders have differing thresholds for initiating legal action. We are prepared to accommodate whatever reasonable approach our clients require to enforce their copyright.

PicRights technology is all web-based and so is accessible to our clients anywhere in the world 24/7.

Note: PicRights recognizes that copyright infringement is particularly egregious in some countries beyond our current purview and we are working toward solutions that will extend our reach to every part of the world.