Online systems provide visibility

© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

The PicRights Resolution Website (payment portal) facilitates the ability of infringers to resolve a case quickly by credit card payment or PayPal. The portal provides comprehensive information and FAQ to support the validity of your claim of copyright infringement. A chat function is deployed if an infringer requires further information before resolving a claim.

Terms of settlement, including fee revisions resulting from discussion with our case managers are visible to the infringer online in real time to further encourage quick settlements.

Supporting documents, including:

  • your statement that you represent the creators of the infringed works,
  • your Statement of Authorization for PicRights to act for you,
  • a pre-populated settlement agreement, and a pre-populated confirmation invoice

reinforce the process by providing immediate proof that your claim against the infringer has been resolved (once payment has been processed through the portal).

The Client Portal enables you to see the status of your cases from start to finish.